About Us

Dorco is built upon rich heritage and has empowered shavers across the world with its advanced blade technology. For years, consumers have been forced to pay over the odds for their razors and replacement blades, and we’re here to put a stop to it by offering superior quality blades for up to 10% less than other leading brands. Furthermore, we offer a flexible subscription service on razors and replacement blades to make your life just that little bit easier.

Family business launched in 1955

From humble beginnings in a post-war South Korea to providing millions of customers worldwide with premium products, we’ve been on a 60-year journey to become the industry leaders that we are today.

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Blades developed through expert technology

We have over half a century of expertise in creating razors, becoming trailblazers in personal shaving over and over thanks to our dedication to innovation. We launched the world’s first six-blade razor for an ever closer shave.

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Lower prices than other leading brands

By cutting out the middleman and selling our products directly to you through our new online shop, we’re able to offer you prices that are lower than other leading razor brands.