The All-In-One Combo Pack

The All-in-One is the ultimate combo pack to accommodate to every taste and every situation. This pack includes a Pace 6 Plus razor, a Dorco EVE 6 razor and four replacement blades for each razor. On top of this, we have added a Pace 6 disposable and a Dorco EVE 6 disposable for travel or for your guests.

Regular Price: £25.55

Special Price £22.99

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Product Name Qty
Pace 6 Plus Handle 1
PACE 6 Plus Replacement Blades x4 1
Pace 6 Disposable (1 pack) 1
Dorco EVE 6 Handle 1
Dorco EVE 6 Replacement Blades 4
Dorco EVE 6 Disposable (1 pack) 1