With so many myths floating around, it can be a challenge to figure out which strategies will keep your hair looking its best. Avoiding these five commonly held misconceptions is a good way to start recreating your beauty routine for optimal results


Myth #1: Plucking Grey Hairs Will Cause More to Grow

The fastest way to deal with an occasional grey is to pluck, but many people believe that pulling one silver hair will cause two to grow back in its place. However, this theory is flat-out false. The truth is that one grey hair is often followed by more — whether or not you pluck — because the cells that form pigment are aging. This can give frequent pluckers the impression that they are causing colour loss. While plucking doesn’t cause your hair to grey more quickly, it is wise to reserve this technique for rare occasions. Plucking damages hair follicles, and they may eventually stop producing altogether. Instead, if you prefer to avoid the salt-and-pepper look, consider high-quality hair colouring.


Myth #2: Regular Haircuts Make Hair Grow Faster

Because hair grows from the scalp and not from the ends, cutting has no impact on how quickly hair grows. However, if you have noticed fuller, healthier-looking hair when you have regular trims, you are right. Standard hair care practices cause the ends of your hair to break, so the bottom section is often thinner than the top. Cutting off the ends removes older, more damaged areas, improving the appearance of your hair overall.


Myth #3: More Brushing Makes Hair Healthier

Hair-related folklore promises extra bounce and shine if you brush 100 strokes per day. Unfortunately, extensive brushing actually causes more harm than good. Overuse of hair tools increases the likelihood that damage will occur, unnecessarily breaking or pulling pieces of hair from your head. Brushing also stimulates oil production in your scalp. While you might appreciate the shine you see immediately after extensive brushing, excessive oil makes hair dull and flat in the long term. Instead, limit handling of your hair to the minimum necessary to achieve the look you want.

Myth #4: Certain Products Repair Split Ends

Once your hair leaves the follicle, the strand is no longer capable of healing or repairing damage. Split ends won’t grow back together anymore than a broken piece of wood can mend itself. However, there are hair care products that use bonding agents such as beeswax to temporarily glue split ends back together. These work as a short-term fix, so you can enjoy a special look for a day or two. However, the only lasting way to destroy split ends forever is to get regular trims.


Myth #5: Stress Turns Hair Grey

Scary movies illustrate abject terror by showing characters’ hair turning grey or white overnight. Fortunately, this only happens in fiction. Once hair leaves the follicle, its colour won’t change. The bit of truth in this myth is that long-term stress causes premature aging in a number of physical areas, including cells that produce the pigment giving your hair its colour. If you lead a high-stress lifestyle, you could experience greying before your genetics would indicate.