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    “In terms of cost and quality, you’ll have to travel far and wide to find a closer shave.”

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  2. The Polished Man

    The Polished Man

    "I love this Razor."

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  3. Prosecco Mum

    Prosecco Mum

    “the PACE 6 Plus doesn’t only look good it’s pretty good at its job too – with six blades for a close shave, including ...

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    “Shaving has never been so enjoyable, thanks to the Korean masterminds at Dorco”

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  5. The Treatment Tester

    The Treatment Tester

    ‘The razors have some pretty impressive technology in their design. The head curves meaning it is easier and closer to ...

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  6. OhSoJack


    “Designed to provide customers with the best shaving experience possible

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  7. Stacey in the Sticks

    Stacey in the Sticks

    “The Dorco Classic razor has seven precision-aligned blades so gives a close comfortable shave to keep that face looking ...

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  8. Me, Him, the Dog and the Baby

    Me, Him, the Dog and the Baby

    “Dorco is a new brand to us both but they have quite a lot of options at really affordable prices. You can buy just the ...

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  9. Charles Taylor Smith

    Charles Taylor Smith

    “The PACE 6 Plus] blades are so delicate on my skin which leaves my face feeling smooth and fresh – without the irritation. ...

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  10. The Sinsa Mode

    The Sinsa Mode

    “Developed with cutting-edge Korean technology, the seven angled blades and a pivoting head [The Dorco Classic] is the ...

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  11. Fashion and Style Police

    Fashion and Style Police

    “[The Dorco EVE 6] has a bendable 6 blade refill cartridge, designed to follow the curves of your body when shaving. A ...

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  12. Trinimamabebe


    “It is also hands down one of the best razors I have used- super close shave no irritations.”

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