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  1. The FUSS

    The FUSS

    “The Dorco EVE 6 is designed with a bendable ‘double 3 blade’ and bendable head – this means that the head can bend ...

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  2. Gracie Francesca

    Gracie Francesca

    It a razor you can use on the go too as the technology enables you to get a quick but close shave, which is perfect for us ...

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  3. Let’s Start With this One

    Let’s Start With this One

    “Dorco do not hold back on giving their customers the best possible for time, ease and effectiveness. … I instantly had ...

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  4. Dolce Vanity

    Dolce Vanity

    The head is quite big but it covers more of the shaving area for a quick and close shave, with an innovative brush finger, ...

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  5. Frey de Fleur

    Frey de Fleur

    "If you have sensitive skin like me you’ll love the moisturising band with Aloe, Vitamin E and Lavender which calms and ...

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  6. February Girl

    February Girl

    “Not only is the shave so close and precise, I don’t have to angle the blade in order to get the close shave, the position ...

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  7. Wishful Wonderings

    Wishful Wonderings

    “No more cuts and scrapes. The top of the razor … the body and hair follicles for a closer, smoother shave.”

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  8. Yasmin Gonzalez

    Yasmin Gonzalez

    “It … has a moisturising band with Aloe, Vitamin E and Lavender to calm and protect sensitive skin with an innovative ...

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  9. Angelina's Casa

    Angelina's Casa

    “Smooth, hair-free skin is a must come summer-time. Promising some of the best razor technology around is this new Dorco ...

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  10. Destination Delicious

    Destination Delicious

    "After using the EVE 6, I was left cut free and had some seriously smooth legs. I for one, am definitely converted and can't ...

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  11. The Spa man

    The Spa man

    You can shape and style beards and sideburns using its trimmer blade, or use the wide guard bar to prepare hair for a deep ...

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  12. Ape to Gentleman

    Ape to Gentleman

    "I'm normally not sold on the more is best blade marketing but the closeness of the blades almost negated any danger of tug ...

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