Shaving your head with a razor really isn’t as daunting as it sounds. With the right preparation and technique, you’ll be achieving a professional-quality shave in no time, whilst minimising the chance of unsightly razor bumps popping up on your freshly bald head.

Whether you’re looking for something easier to maintain, want to combat thinning hair or just simply try out a new style, our five easy steps will show you how to shave your head with a razor.

1 - What you’ll need

  • A quality razor – be sure to check that your blades are sharp, clean and not in need of replacing
  • Shave Gel
  • A second mirror to see the back of your head – we recommend investing in one with an adjustable arm
  • Electric clippers or a friendly neighbourhood barber!

2 - Trimming down

Razors aren’t effective when cutting through long hair, so you’ll first need to trim as close to the scalp as possible.

If you have a set of hair clippers at home, that’s great; if not, pop down to your local barber or hairdresser and ask for a grade 1 all over. A single grade typically costs less than a normal haircut.

3 - Prepping for best results

A hot shower helps to soften hair and open your pores. Dry your hair with a towel going back to front, against the direction of growth.

Then, apply your Shave Gel to your hair and neck. For best results, wait a few minutes for it to soak in.

4 - Time to shave

Start with the front of your head and other visible areas, leaving the back until last. Make sure you shave in an orderly pattern to avoid going over the same areas more than once. Shave with the grain and apply very little pressure – let the blades do the work.

Don’t stretch your skin across your scalp as this can encourage ingrown hairs and razor bumps. Be sure to rinse the blades between each stroke.

We recommend getting a friend or partner to help with difficult-to-reach areas if you are struggling. Ideally, wait a few days before you next shave your head to give your skin some time to recover.

5 - Aftercare

It is important to give your bald head the same care and attention that you would your face.

Splash cold water on your head and neck, then gently pat dry with a towel. Use an alcohol-free shaving aftercare product to gently sooth your scalp.

The newly exposed skin will need some extra care. Aim to moisturise it daily and apply sun protection when going outdoors.

Using a gentle exfoliant on a day between shaves will help to prevent ingrown hairs by increasing skin cell turnover. Those containing glycolic or salicylic acid tend to work best.

There you have it, five simple steps to a bald head, free from those pesky razor bumps. Good luck and happy shaving!