1. Get The Gloss

    Get The Gloss

    "the brand's first UK razor for women is something rather special to see in action… it clings closely to individual contours ...

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  2. Shortlist Magazine

    Shortlist Magazine

    "..the angulated blade technology used in the Dorco Classic gives slimmer, denser razors to reduce irritations to the skin.. ...

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  3. Attachment Mummy

    Attachment Mummy

    "Add the Dorco Classic razor for him and for her to your grooming routine and see what a difference it will make… this ...

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  4. Brownbeautytalk


    "..the Dorco EVE 6 is perfect to keep you groomed this summer.. No more annoying cuts or nicks on those difficult-to-shave ...

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  5. The Chic Geek

    The Chic Geek

    "Anything from South Korea always makes you sit up and take notice… I tried it on fairly long stubble and it worked well ...

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  6. Lou Lou Land

    Lou Lou Land

    "I have to say that it was one of the easiest razors that I've ever used. I'd never really used a razor with a head as wide ...

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  7. Ape to Gentleman

    Ape to Gentleman

    "Hats off to Dorco for creating not only the most stylish razor on the market today but also one that not only reduces irritation, ...

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  8. Should you ditch your beard for summer?

    Should you ditch your beard for summer?

    Should you ditch your beard for summer? In a word, yes. Well kind of anyway. Beards (big bushy ones) went through a period ...

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    Introducing the Ultimate Shave The Dorco Classic razor features 7 precision-aligned blades, making it a world first   ...

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  10. Reveal Magazine

    Reveal Magazine

    "If you’re always forgetting to replace your razors subscribe to Dorco.. and choose how often you would like to receive ...

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  11. The Sun

    The Sun

    "The Dorco Eve 6 razor has six blades split into a double three-blade bendable head which cuts through coarse hairs quicker ...

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  12. AnywayToStay


    "The blades are what make the Dorco Eve 6 truly special . With 6 blades, split into 2 groups of three on a hinged head the ...

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