In days of yore, armpit grooming would have been unheard of among men.

But in more modern times, men who don’t shave their armpits are in the minority. A recent survey by Men’s Health magazine found that 68% do it regularly, while only 10% never trim.

Does that mean men have become more image conscious over time? Possibly not. Perhaps a better explanation for this shift in grooming habits is that modern males are more clued-up scientifically than their forebears.

What are the benefits?
One recent study found that although removing armpit hair won’t stop you sweating, trimming it to skin level substantially enhances the odour-reducing effect of washing with soap.

Another possible reason why men of old didn’t shave their armpits could be that they simply didn’t have the right tools. For example, medieval men – they may have mastered weaponry, but they were a long way off engineering the kind of precision blades necessary for a clean, close shave. In fact, most historical accounts shaving in this era sound quite harrowing.

Thankfully, several-dozen generations on, that is no longer the case, and with a high quality razor in your bathroom cabinet, you are sufficiently armed to shave your armpits safely and smoothly.

Take care to do it right
As with anything, trimming your armpits to excess isn’t recommended. Warns Hibba Kapil , founder of the Hibba Beauty Salon in New York City: “Underarms go through constant friction and shaving them every day can escalate [problems].

“Because the area never catches a break from shaving, it's always going to have bumps or ingrown hairs.”

Ultimately, the question of should men shave their armpits has no right or wrong answer; it all boils down to personal choice. Just be sure that if you do decide to shave your armpits, you use shaving products that help you do it safely and smoothly.

A premium shave without the premium price

At Dorco, our patented shaving technology helps to provide a close shave with no irritation, perfect if you do choose to shave your armpit hair. Three to four blade razors such as the PACE 4 and PACE 3 Plus are perfect for ensuring a smooth shave.

Some male customers have even found that the Dorco EVE 6 has proved successful when shaving parts of the body such as the armpit and jawline due to its bendable ‘double 3’ blade cartridge, designed to follow the bodies curves.