The Pink Tax is the term used when a company charges more for female products than the male equivalent, under the belief that women will pay more.

Research by the Times newspaper uncovered what they described as ‘sexist’ prices across many of Britain’s largest retailers. Women were found to pay on average 37% more for very similar or identical products – from clothing items such as jeans to toiletries and razors.

The Pink Tax is one of many economic disadvantages faced by women in their daily lives, including the gender pay gap, which is an ongoing issue impacting women around the globe.

"Women are getting ripped off twice,” says Jemima Olchawski , head of policy at the Fawcett Society. “They are paid less than men and are also charged more for similar products."

How this extends to personal care products

Personal care products including female razors are a particular focal point for campaigners seeking gender equality amongst consumers.

The ‘Tampon Tax’ – the VAT added to female sanitary products – is still present in the UK. Sanitary products are classed as luxury, non-essential items and hit with a 5% VAT charge. This is despite several much-less-essential items being exempt from VAT, for example ‘crocodile meat’, ‘alcohol jellies’ and ‘edible sugar flowers’.

Laura Croyton, who started a petition to end the Tampon Tax that received more than 300,000 signatures, said: “Periods are no luxury. You can ‘opt-in’ to extravagance. You cannot choose to menstruate. Despite this, a whole heap of disadvantages have been created for those who do.”

Will this change in the future?

Slowly but surely, we are seeing change but there is still a long way to go.

Until it’s possible to repeal the legislation (it’s currently enshrined in law by the EU), the Tampon Tax Fund, set up by the Government, allocates funds generated from the VAT on sanitary products to projects that improve the lives of disadvantaged women and girls.

Meanwhile, some large retailers, such as Boots and Tesco , have taken a step in the right direction by addressing their prices for personal care items, including female razors.

What is Dorco’s stance on the Pink Tax?

We are 100% against the idea of charging women a premium for our products and are committed to providing a smooth, close shave at a fair price.

In fact, our female razor, the Dorco EVE 6 , is cheaper than our 6-blade male razor, as are the refill cartridges.

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