Athletes are no strangers to shaving. In order to carry out their training with greater comfort and safety, they keep their pins free of hair. And now, new findings prove that you could even save time when you cycle with shaved legs, up to 82 seconds to be precise.

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Shave yourself faster with the help of Razors by Dorco. Recently launched in the UK, our online shop offers high-quality razor blades - totally fuss-free. You can shop the entire range of razors and value packs on our website.

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We've sold millions of razors worldwide thanks to our innovative razor technology and we're now offering subscription services to UK customers so that you never have to miss a shave. Just choose the fraquency of your razor blade deliveries and manage your online account whenever you want.


With over 60 years' experience of manufacturing razors, you can count on us for your daily grooming routine.

We were the first brand to launch a 6-blade razor with a trimmer.

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