60 years of shaving expertise

We believe that everyone should be able to look their
best every day – without having to pay a fortune.

    • 1955

      Early Days

      It all began on a hot August day in 1955, when a dapper gent named Tak Si-Geun founded Dorco in the newly formed South Korea. Little did he know back then that we would become the industry leader we are today, helping over 100 million people enjoy a comfortable shave and look their best in more than 130 countries around the world.

    • 1961

      Safety First

      In 1961, we created Korea’s first ever safety razor – a stepping stone in the early days of our journey to become worldwide pioneers.

    • 1977

      Dorco First

      In this year we created our first ever twin bladed razor, a light, highly functional and re-useable system.

    • 1984

      Hello Ladies !

      Through our commitment to innovation and development, Dorco continued to accelerate through the 80s. By 1984 we had successfully introduced a women’s range, a double-edge razor and a twin-blade razor with a pivoting head.

    • 1990

      Global Expansion

      By the mid-90s, the secret was out. Word of our exceptional product quality had reached far beyond Asia so we decided to share our experience with the world. In 1995 we opened an office in America, followed by state of the art factories in Mexico and China.

    • Dorco Research & Development Institute

      Not long after the Western expansion, we decided to really sharpen up our technology by opening the Dorco Research & Development Institute near Seoul. All of our incredible modern technologies are born here, including the common docking system and angulated blade platform.

    • 2001 image


      Advanced Blade Technology

      In 2001 we launched the Win 3 razor, another first of its kind. A premium three-blade razor with the latest shave enhancing technology and a new ergonomic design. This razor confirmed our status as global industry leaders.

    • 2007

      The World's First Six-Blade Razor

      By 2007 we were offering more blades than you can count on one hand with the world’s first six-blade razor, the PACE6. It’s now sold in over 130 countries, providing millions with a truly contemporary shaving experience.

    • 2014

      The PACE 7

      The year in which we took our pioneering products to the next level. We created the PACE 7. A master of all razors, the PACE 7 is the world's first seven bladed model.

    • 2015

      A new way to shave

      Today, we provide shavers worldwide with the most advanced range of razors and the most convenient ways of buying them:


      Our online store offers our premium shaving products, delivered to your doorstep. We cut out the middleman and pass fantastic savings on to you.


      Our whole range is available through a subscription service, so you’ll never have to add pricy cartridges to your supermarket basket again.


      From our innovation lab, through manufacturing to distribution, our customers are at the heart of our business every step of the way.