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60 Years of Expertise

We have over 60 years of shaving expertise including our world-class research & development centre where all kinds of highly skilled manufacturing takes place.

Global Network

Our products are sold in over 130 countries. We can always cater to your needs, no matter where in the world you are based.

No Middleman

We can cut out the middleman and pass savings directly on to you.

Patented Angulated Blades

Patented angulated blades provide easy rinsing in contrast to welded blades which cause residue to build up. This allows for narrow positioning of blades to deliver a smoother glide over your skin

Common Docking System

Thanks to our common docking system, you can use any of our Pace razor blades with any razor handle. This way, you can switch between the Pace3, Pace4, Pace 6 Plus and Dorco EVE 6 razor blades using your existing Dorco handle.

Diamond Hard Coating

Diamond hard coated razor blades ensure a world class shaving experience by enhancing durability and sharpness of blade.


Get delivered to your door for less than £1.50 per blade

Rule your Schedule

Rule your Schedule

Your razors, in your hands, at your command. Just tell us how often you’d like them delivered.

Subscribe, Shave, Save

Subscribe, Shave, Save

Be smart. Save money by subscribing. Spend 30% less with our subscription service

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Try it Free!

Free trial set of any new products for all subscribers!

Our online shop offers cost and time saving subscription services sending razors straight to your door. So you can say goodbye to expensive supermarket brands and make way for an award-winning, top-quality Dorco razors.

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