A clean, smooth shave, delivered to your door

All our razors use advanced technology to get closer to your smartest shave. Choose yours to suit your spending, skin type and
shaving style, and look forward to the best shaving experience.

  1. Dorco CLASSIC
    Our most technologically advanced razor, bringing you a close shave in timeless style.
    • 1 Handle
    • 1 Refill cartridge
  2. PACE 6 PRO
    The six blade razor system with safety trimmer give you exceptional precision.
  3. PACE 4 Pro
    The 4 blade razor system with safety trimmer is easy to use, ...
  4. PACE 3 Plus
    Perfect for daily shaving - close, clean and smooth every time.
    • 1 Handle
    • 2 Refill cartridges

Just need some refill cartridges?

If you already have one of our razor handles, our common docking system means any of our refill cartridges will fit.
Browse our refill cartridge pack options to find one that suits you.

Save more with one of our value packs

Want to keep the cost as keen as your shave? Our value packs offer the lowest possible prices
while still bringing you the latest blade technology.

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