PACE 3 Plus

PACE 3 Plus


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The Dorco CLASSIC, a world first and our most technologically advanced razor, has seven precision-aligned blades. From the moment you pick up the vintage-styled, ergonomic handle, you know this is no ordinary razor.
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  • 1 Refill cartridge
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Get closer to
the science

  • Seven precision-aligned blades

    Micro-positioned and with a
    16% narrower blade span than
    other Dorco razors – gives
    you a safe, smooth and ultra-
    precise shave.
  • Seamless construction with
    angled blades

    Looks good and works
  • Pivoting head

    Makes shaving easy around
    every contour of your face.
  • Open design

    So your razor and refill cartridges
    are easy to clean and rinse.
  • Super-soft textured wide bar

    massages your face and
    raises hair follicles for a close,
    smooth shave.
  • Non-slip ergonomic design

    Gives you full control for a
    comfortable shave.
  • Advanced lubricating strip with
    natural extracts

    Calendula extract soothes dry
    and helps heal any irritation
    after shaving. Argan oil helps moisturise and nourish sensitive skin.
  • Common docking system

    Means all our refill cartridges fit
    all our razor handles.

Cutting edge
razor technology
The first-ever razor with seven micro-positioned blades,
the Dorco CLASSIC advances shaving science into another
era. And it’s not just about achieving the ultimate in
precision: a narrower blade span helps minimise irritation
and maximise safety. So you experience a remarkably
close and comfortable shave.

Advancing science,
respecting nature
The fine quality of our razors is down to the technology we’ve developed over more than 60 years. But it’s also down to our understanding of your skin, and how to maintain its natural balance. Sharp blades mean a clean shave with less irritation – while the Dorco CLASSIC moisturising strip, using nutrient-rich plant extracts, cools and soothes your face.

Change refill cartridges
whenever you want

If you feel it’s time for a change, your Dorco CLASSIC handle fits all our refill cartridges. So when you want to discover how the PACE 3 Plus performs, all you need is the refill cartridges.

Common docking system

Means all our refill cartridges fit
all our razor handles.

Classic design The Dorco CLASSIC gives you the best of both worlds: highly advanced shaving technology combined with elegant, timeless design. This razor is a real joy to use, with handsome looks to match its outstanding performance.

Clean lines,
perfect finish

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