World’s first six blade razor

The Master

World’s first six blade razor

After a half century of manufacturing razors we were hungry for more. Determined to create the ultimate in shaving technology combined six high-performance blades with a practical trimmer blade.

The Master was born.

The results showcased a razor that offers effortless shaving and styling experience with every use.

Today, The Master is our best-selling razor. The seamless construction of angled blades ensures optimal ‘rinse-ability’ for powerful performance without the accumulation of hairs resulting in an un-compromised shave, every time. The wide guard bar helps to prep the hair for a 6-blade shave and the luxurious Vitamin E infused moisturising strip helps to soothe your skin.

Its handle has been perfectly weight-balanced for an easy grip and anti-slip performance. And thanks to the trimmer blade on the back of the cartridge you can practice your at-home precision sculpting skills and tackle those hard to reach spots.